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Our ambition is to give back the control to the user by demystifying the technology.

Unleash your creativity.


Level-up your messaging experience!

The trendiest Android messaging app there is, with more than 10 millions downloads in the world, Mood Messenger replaces your default messaging app and adds it new instant messaging functionalities.


A unique shopping experience!

Shop the latest fashion trends worn by your fashion icons. With just a click, find the look’s articles, cheaper similar products and exclusive promo codes.

There’s more, Stylee will reimburse you a part of your purchases in cashback!


The app that helps you quit smoking

Thanks to a new method based essentially on motivation, habit changes and self-esteem, Leev will help you everyday to fight the cigarette craving and will guide you to your non-smoker new life.


The perfect ally for all women

The app that accompanies women throughout their menstrual cycle. Use Laïa to track your period, know your fertility periods, fill in your symptoms and discover personalized tips and tricks to live your cycle serenely.


The addictive and playful contests games app!

Participate for free to many contests and try to win the latest tech recommended by your favorite influencers.

The application creates commitment by putting gamification in its core functionality.


Stand out from the crowd!

This new app allows you to boost and personalise your smartphone.
Because that’s the little things that makes a difference, we give you trendy themes.

Thanks to our advanced technology, your smartphone exceeds its limitations, let yourself be surprised by our optimisations.

Wiiny app

Play and win the JACKPOT!

The new application to win money while having fun!
The user has access to a list of free contests with prizes up to 10.000€!

He plays betting « Stars », with a single clic his participation is registered!

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